France - Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris

Bruno David, Research Director at CNRS is presently President of the MNHN of Paris.
Originally trained as a geologist and a paleontologist, his works focuse on evolution of living forms, both regarding patterns (phylogeny, large scale structuration of biodiversity) and processes (symbiosis, evolution-development relationships and emergence of phenotypes). The biological models retained to explore such avenues are echinoderms, with a specific focus on echinoids. He authored a book and edited an extensive database on Antarctic echinoids, which are a focus of interest. He is also deeply involved in understanding the origin of radial symmetry in echinoderms and how the fivefold pattern is intimately related to seriality (repetition of elements along arms) and the antero-posterior polarization (A/P axis). More recently he became interested in functioning and evolution of symbiosis between tropical echinoid hosts and parasitic crabs. In those areas of research, his main regular collaborations are with Brussels (ULB), San Francisco (California Academy of Sciences), and more recently Santiago (Universidad de Chile).

  • Location: Paris

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