Proteker 2 – summer 2013-2014

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PROTEKER 2 (DOI French oceanic cruise)

(13 nov. 2013 – 17 dec. 2013 on the field) made it possible to complete the installation of 7 monitoring sites – thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep (rapport).

Participants: from left to right: E. Poulin, C. Marschal, G. Marty, J.-P. Féral, T. Saucède

Boardings on La Curieuse – 3 legs
– Baie du Morbihan : 17/11/20013 to 22/11/2013 – 5 days
– Choiseul and Baleiniers sectors (Ker North) : 26/11/2013 to 05/12/2013 – 9 days
– Audierne sector (Ker South) : 06/12/2013 to 10/12/2013 – 4 days

La Curieuse’s crew
– Yohann Mucherie (capitaine)
– Pierre-Yves Le Bren (chef mécanicien)
– Loïc Seguinneau (second capitaine)
– Anthony Sautron (second mécanicien)
– Benoît Caffier (matelot cuisinier)
– Xavier Payet (matelot)
– Mathias Cadet (stagiaire mécanicien)

Reference SISMER

Map of the stations of PROTEKER 2
light yellow and dark red icons: diving sites (installed ones in dark red)
blue icons: trawl hauls at 50m depth
green icons: trawl hauls at 100m depth
dark yellow squared icons: ROV at 50m depth
red circle icons: ROV at 100mdepth

Fourty one dives have been done. Seven sites were equipped with two thermorecorder(s) at 5 and 15 m deep. They were all activated on December 16th, 2013 for a measure every hour. Colonization plates were installed at six sites.