Proteker 4 – summer 2015-2016

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PROTEKER 4 (18 nov. 2015 – 23 dec. 2015 in the field) is the first summer campaign of Proteker phase 2. The setting up of the Kerguelen’s underwater observatory being achieved (thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep were set up at 8 sites during Proteker phase 1), the campaign first consisted in collecting and changing the thermorecorders and plates at 5 of the 8 reference sites (unfortunately, the 3 remaining sites could no be accessed). The campaign then focused on specific projects of habitat mapping, genetic and ecological analyses for a better characterizing of nearshore habitats (report).

Participants: from left to right: G. Marty, C. De Ridder, T. Saucède, S. Fabri-Ruiz, J. Fournier

Boardings on the Commerson, the Hirondelle II and the RV Marion Dufresne II
Work at sea consisted in 20 dives.
Access to sites and supports to divers were mainly done with the boat Commerson ; two dives were done from the RV Marion Dufresne II and one dive was done from the barge Aventure II
• Kerguelen north, Port Christmas, 23 november from the RV Marion Dufresne II
• Bay of Morbihan, from 28 novembre to 12 december from the boat Commerson and barge Aventure II

Commerson‘s crew (RN TAF)

  • Romain VERGÉ, skipper
  • Luc Baudot, assistant

Aventure II‘s crew

  • Olivier ROBIN, pilot
  • Thomas BRAILLY, mechanic