Evolution Paris Seine UMR 7138 - Paris [FR]

Sunday 16 March 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL
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Catherine Ozouf-Costaz, Research Ingeneer at CNRS, heads the platform of Cytogenomics of the UMR 7138 “Evolution Paris-Seine” at the UPMC. She has been involved in national (TAAF, then IPEV) and international Antarctic programmes (EPOS, ICEFISH, CEAMARC) since 1974. Originally working on Antarctic fish systematics and biology, she moved to cytogenetic approaches in the 80’s and is mainly studying chromosome extensive repatternings which occurred during the diversification of Antarctic notothenioid fish species flocks. Her present work specially aims to understand how some bursts of specific transposable elements in these fish genomes can play a role by boosting chromosome changes observed during rapid speciation processes, and thus could be used as index of genome flexibility and adaptability under climate change. For more details and other fields of activity see also (http://www.acanthoweb.fr/en/content/catherine-ozouf-costaz


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