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Sunday 16 March 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL
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The CDMO is a research centre recognised as a Phd students’ host team (EA 1165). It encourages professors, professors’ assistants and Phd students to unite behind legal matters linked to the sea :

  • Law of the sea and exploitation of the oceans
  • EC transport law
  • Coastal law and protection of the maritime heritage
  • Port law
  • Maritime social law
  • Maritime insurances law
  • Marine environmental law
  • Legal maritime history
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Jean-Pierre Beurier, Emeritus Professor at the University of Nantes, previous director of the Centre de Droit Maritime et Océanique, founder of the Pôle Mer et Littoral of Nantes, previous director of the Institut d’Etudes Marines de Brest. Professional diver Classe II mention B, radio operator of the Merchant Navy. Specialised in the international law of the sea and international environmental law.
The main publications concern the marine spaces regimes, the regulation of the exloitation of living resources and the maritime mineral resources law. Early interest about the polar law with publications about environmental protection of the Antarctic, and space law and navigation regulation in the Arctic.
In order to implement oceanic legal regimes : many navigations on board of trawlers, cargos, men o war and scientific vessels.
Keywords : international law- law of the sea- environmental law- biodiversity protection- maritime law- polar law


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