Summer campaign 2015

Friday 8 January 2016
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL
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PROTEKER 4 (18 nov. 2015 – 23 dec. 2015 in the field) is the first summer campaign of Proteker phase 2. The setting up of the Kerguelen’s underwater observatory being achieved (thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep were set up at 8 sites during Proteker phase 1), the campaign first consisted in collecting and changing the thermorecorders and plates at 5 of the 8 reference sites (unfortunately, the 3 remaining sites could no be accessed). The campaign then focused on specific projects of habitat mapping, genetic and ecological analyses for a better characterizing of nearshore habitats. .

- Report of the fourth field campaign PDF (in French)
DOI of the campaign PROTEKER 4 not yet assigned

-  JPEG - 16.9 kb to the article in the progress report 2015 of the "Terres Australes Françaises" Natural Reserve (in French)

- Diaporama of the Summer Campaign 2015

- Members of the 4th field campaign from left to right: G. Marty, C. De Ridder, T. Saucède, S. Fabri-Ruiz, J. Fournier

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Works at sea consisted in 20 dives. Access to sites and supports to divers were mainly done with the boat Commerson ; two dives were done from the RV Marion Dufresne II and one dive was done from the barge Aventure II
• Kerguelen north, Port Christmas, 23 november from the RV Marion Dufresne II
• Bay of Morbihan, from 28 novembre to 12 december from the boat Commerson and barge Aventure II

- Sismer Reference not yet assigned

Crew of the Commerson (RN TAF)
- Romain VERGÉ, skipper
- Luc BAUDOT, assistant

Crew of the Aventure II (TAAF)
- Olivier ROBIN, pilot
- Thomas BRAILLY, ship’s engineer

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