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Saturday 24 May 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Refit of the Marion Dufresne II

(in French)
La refonte du Marion Dufresne est financée
23 millions d’euros, c’est le montant du chantier de refonte à mi-vie du navire océanographique et ravitailleur Marion Dufresne, propriété des Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises. Armé par CMA CGM, le navire, qui aura 20 ans en 2015, va (...)

Wednesday 8 October 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

The third PROTEKER field campaign

The last campaign of the first phase of PROTEKER has been done from November 2014, 7th to December 2014, 29th. During our stay in Kerguelen from November 2014, 18th to December 2014, 18th we were able to work at sea on the trawler "La Curieuse" during 13 days. In spite of this quite short (...)

Saturday 21 March 2015
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Climate Change 2014 - IPCC Synthesis Report

IPCC, 2014 - Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Core Writing Team, R.K. Pachauri and L.A. Meyer (eds.)]. IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland, 151 pp.


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