PROTEKER, IPEV program 1044 - Summer field campaigns

This IPEV program n° 1044 - PROTEKER has been launched during the austral summer 2011-2012. It is coordonated by Jean-Pierre Féral (IMBE, Marseille) and Nadia Améziane (MNHN, Paris - Concarneau). Several marine labaratories are involved in France, and also in Belgium and Chile (see partners page).

The objective of PROTEKER is to check the probable impact of climate changes at sea which implicatesdata mining and revisiting already known sites. An underwater observatory is implemented to monitor representative coastal habitats. At the end, the project will produce an inventory of existing data, capture those which are still not available (gray litterature) and manage them in a georeferenced database.
The field part will permit to chose the sites to be monitored and to make qualitative(*) comparisons between the present state and how it was 10 to 50 years ago. This is possible thanks to the availability of La Curieuse in the Kerguelen waters. She can sail all around the Island (except the west coast where the conditions are always very rough) and in the Golfe du Morbihan making possible to explore a lot of coastal habitats. Three summer campaigns have been asked.
To plan these cruises and campaigns regarding the framework of the international environmental law makes it possible to produce “useful” data. The multidisciplinary missions could also help to determine bioregions and select protection criteria for research development, protection of ecosystems.
(*) Only sedimentary bottoms of the Baie du Morbihan have been studied "quantitatively". There is no quantitative record for hard substrates.

JPEG - 49.2 kb
The trawler "La Curieuse"

- The first field campaign was done around Kerguelen Island, onboard "La Curieuse" from December 12th, 2011 and January 9th, 2012. It was dedicated to exploration and choice of observation sites. Some were equiped of temperature recorders. See report (in French)
- The field cruise 2012-13 was cancelled following the damage of the "Marion Dufresne II" to Crozet where she struck a shoal.
- The second field campaign (November 30th - December 17th, 2013) made it possible to complete the installation of 7 monitored sites, north and south of Kerguelen coast and in the Bay of Morbihan. Temperature recorders were deployed as well as colonization plates. See report (in French)
- The third and last scientific cruise at sea is planned for the southern summer 2014-2015

The observations are made by means of diving (down to 30 m depth) and using a mini-ROV - right (down to 100 m depth)

JPEG - 29.2 kb
Sampling and shooting
JPEG - 43 kb
Mini-ROV "Observer" (Subsea Tech)

Collections are made by diving and trawling - right (100 m long hauls, 3 min at 1 kn at 50 m and 100 m depth)

JPEG - 23.2 kb
Collection of organisms
JPEG - 46.7 kb
Agassiz type trawl _ Kerguelen

The chosen sites of observation are equipped with temperature recorders - left (5 m and 15 m depth) and of plates of colonization - right (approximately 10 m depth)

JPEG - 25 kb
thermorecorder _ fouling
JPEG - 29 kb
Colonization plate

This section's articles

Thursday 13 March 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Summer Campaign 2011-2012

PROTEKER 1 (12 dec. 2011 – 9 jan. 2012 on the field) made it possible to chose and begin to install (thermo-recorders at 5 and 15 m) 6 sites. A small number of “tests” species, selected before for their features of contrasted life history (e.g. mode of reproduction), have been collected all around (...)

Saturday 15 March 2014
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Summer Campaign 2013

PROTEKER 2 (13 nov. 2013 – 17 dec. 2013 on the field) made it possible to complete the installation of 7 monitoring sites (thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep).
Report of the second field campaign PDF DOI of the campaign PROTEKER 2
To the article in the (...)

Monday 9 March 2015
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Summer campaign 2014

PROTEKER 3 (18 nov. 2014 – 18 dec. 2014 on the field) made it possible to achieve the installation of the Kerguelen’s underwater observatory (thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep at 8 sites).
Report of the third field campaign PDF (in French) DOI of the (...)

Friday 8 January 2016
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Summer campaign 2015

PROTEKER 4 (18 nov. 2015 – 23 dec. 2015 in the field) is the first summer campaign of Proteker phase 2. The setting up of the Kerguelen’s underwater observatory being achieved (thermorecorders at 5 and 15 m deep and colonization plates at 10 m deep were set up at 8 sites during Proteker phase 1), (...)

Friday 5 May 2017
by  Jean-Pierre FERAL

Summer campaign 2016

PROTEKER 5 (3 nov. 2016 – 31 dec. 2016 in the field) is the 2nd summer campaign of Proteker phase 2.
Report of the fith field campaign PDF (in French)
Diaporama of the Summer Campaign 2016
Members of the 5th field campaign from left to right: C. Marschal, P. Dubois, L. Michel, S. Motreuil, (...)


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